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4 Days / 300km
Period : September
Reference : 17 B 071

Prix : 1€

Since 2006, we are DMC for the Parade of fruits which is held every year in Tiel. This event gathers multiple fruity tanks which will dazzle you during an inescapable stay!
Registered on the national inventory of the immaterial cultural heritage of the Netherlands, these folk festivals have an important success for groups associations and clubs.


D1 – Utrecht
Secular and university city, this city knew how to keep her charm of former days. Guided tour of Utrecht, her canals, her old districts as well as her cathedral and its tower Domtoren… Dinner. Accommodation region Amsterdam / Utrecht.
Day 2 : Fruit Corso of Tiel
Road towards Tiel, place which shelters every year the Parade of Fruits. Lunch. Then, take a seat and admire this parade of tanks: flatware of apples, pears, walnuts, seeds, peppers, grapes fruits and seeds that even you ignored their existence. Return in the hotel. Dinner. Accommodation.
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Service details
Points Forts
* Places en tribune pour le Corso
* Déjeuner panoramique à l’Euromast
* Visite d’une taillerie de diamants

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