Incentive – team building – seminars

Is organising an incentive giving you headache? Do you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle?

Let us worry about the logistics for you :
team building exercises
– made-to-measure seminars

Your success is our reward !

At Mondoramas, we provide innovative solutions for your Incentive Travel to help motivate your workforce and strengthen your teams.
Build team spirit by including your staff in one of our corporate team building events: theme days, activities and incentive travel.

Our mission for your Incentive Travel :

Complete customer satisfaction is our aim in putting together Incentive/team building events that suit your timetable, and your wallet.
Creating effective teams is a challenge and we learn from experience, so to really get your people working together, and having, fun, why not come and experience one of our incentives.
Team building, group dynamics, content orchestration and moving forward through times of change are keystones of our mission.

Our wish :

Optimise your performance and success through one of our incentives

Our goal :

Develop your teams into cohesive units, achieving collectively, through effective communication and shared activities.

Our promise to you:

–    Propose original group activities
–    Drive employee performance
–    Enhance company loyalty
–    Maximise teamwork and motivation
–    Cultivate new attitudes and perspectives
–    Foster better communication and understanding
–    Promote personal and professional development
–    Meet all your expectations, on a « no limits » basis
–    Respect your corporate values and culture
If you’re planning a business meeting : a  seminar (for business, pleasure or team building), an incentive (to motivate, reward, or on a points system), a congress or convention, then our staff are on hand to help you organise it.
Don’t hesitate to contact Mondoramas for any information you may need regarding your corporate travel arrangements.
We’re waiting to hear from you.

You can rely on us!

For business meetings many companies have put their faith in our expertise, so why not join them :
We are a member of  France’s National Union of Travel Agents (SNAV) which groups French Travel Agents and Tour Operators, and an associate member of the French Tourism Development Agency (Atout France). As members of the Professional Association for the Solidarity of Travel Agents (APS) all monies paid to us come under warranty.
So for all your corporate requirements, and successful Incentives, choose a recognised professional !

Our corporate travel services :three specialities:

1) Seminars:

– work meetings/business conferences
– informal meetings
– team building seminars
Do you need to go back to basics, revitalise your identity in an « out-of-the-ordinary » location? Look no further, we work with a select group of suppliers for all your corporate events, whether strictly business or a combination of work and pleasure.

2) Incentive Travel :

– Motivational Programs
– Reward Programs
– Inspirational Incentive Travel
Keeping the team motivated is a key challenge for every manager.
So take advantage of our wealth of experience in Group and Business Travel for an Incentive to suit your needs: we offer a choice of seaside, winter and mountain destinations and a variety of activities for the incentive of your dreams
Travel, a tool to motivate your team     
Our made-to-measure incentive programmes create the ideal opportunity to boost your teams, in an environment that’s ideal for fostering communication, sharing and camaraderie.
Travel, bringing you together 
Synergise and stimulate with one of our authentic and colourful tours.
Travel, a source of inspiration

3) Made-to-MeasureTeam building Exercises:

– Don’t want to lose time organizing an event? Then pick up the phone.
Whatever your projects – incentives, seminars or team building exercises, – Mondoramas can help bring them to fruition. Our experience means we’ll quickly be able to identify venues that correspond with your objectives. Our meeting planners will establish a brief, and communicate with you on a regular basis to keep you up-to-date with progress.
If you need help with ideas (hotel location, activities etc) then our highly professional team will be delighted to be of assistance, working closely with you to plan a successful meeting or event.
Contact us for further information !
Together, we can get your project off the ground.

Our Incentive Travel Offers :

Choose from a range of team-building workshops especially adapted to your needs, which aim to reinforce company values through strategic games and group activities:
·    themed events
·    strategic games
·    workshops of 2 to 4 hours duration, depending on your timetable
·    team-building exercises to create cohesion and identify strengths and weaknesses
·    quality programmes at an affordable price : our experience of organising incentives, team-building exercises and seminars means we can organise successful events  at a reasonable price.
Don’t delay, get in touch now !